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Full of Surprises: Part Two [17 May 2011|05:43pm]


Full of Surprises
Part Two: Surprise Admissions

Note: I do not own Power Rangers, I do not make a profit from writing this.
Authors Note: Ask and you shall recieve! This is a hopefully more humorous take on this relationship and the surprises that happen in life.
Timeline: After Dino Thunder, after "Once A Ranger"
Rating: T (language, content)
Genre: Humor/General
Summary: One small decision makes a life altering surprise for the good Doctor Oliver.

Part Two. Kira tells Tommy she's pregnant. Kira panics, Tommy is strangely calm, and Ethan can't stop laughing...Collapse )
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Community Revival Idea? [20 Dec 2010|01:20am]

*pokes community* Hello? Anyone home?

I was thinking about how to start writing Kirommy stories again but found myself at a block. Then I started looking at one of the new fandoms that I started getting into and thought of an idea: could we do a challenge involving Kirommy and another series-like a crossover? I know Al (Dark Knight) did one with VR Troopers(By the way, it was awesome dude.) and it turned out good.

Maybe it could possibly revive the community even with the small numbers we have? Just asking.

P.S.-What tag should this be under?
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Jason David Frank Fanlisting [24 Oct 2009|05:14pm]


I recently made a fanlisting for one of my favourite actors and martial artists, Jason David Frank. If you are also a fan of him, please do consider joining and showing your love for our very own legendary Power Ranger!

Fearless - The Jason David Frank Fanlisting

"What is a fanlisting?" some of you might ask? A detailed desciption can be found here: http://thefanlistings.org/tfl101.php But mainly, it's just for fun and to create a small dedication to something you like!

New members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Black Knight [30 Sep 2009|09:32am]

Hi Folks,
This is an older fic of mine. My first in fact. Which is being posted in response to[info]buni_in_the_sky asking about it.

Please let me know what you think.
Click below Brit Brit's awesome banner to continue.

'Black Knight'Collapse )

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Kirommy fan art [20 Aug 2009|01:26am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to post some kirommy fan art here!  Maybe to liven this lj com. up?  So maybe more people with post some fics, ya?
This is also a birthday gift to shigeki_jkp !  He wanted some hot kirommy pic, so this is what I came up with XD;. Happy birthday XD

NC-17 Kirommy Fan artCollapse )

Here's another fan art at my deviantart account as well :3

Hope you like 'em :3

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Long Time Coming [24 Jun 2009|10:59am]

Howdy Folks,

I am a long time Kirommy fan, and seemingly one of only two people who still post on her Majestey's Kirommy Krusade website. /grin
This is the start of a new Kirommy story that I mostly wrote on my phone (?!) while I was waiting for a client to turn up for a meeting. It's also posted on FF.net Please let me know what you think either there or here. Oh and there may be a guest star. /grin

Click here to read Long Time Coming on FF.net.

hereCollapse )

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Broken Wings [21 Aug 2008|11:57pm]

Finally the Queen of Kirommy writes her ship after a good year break! XD
I hope its enjoyed! 

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Kirommy icons! [11 Feb 2007|05:55pm]

Lots of Kirommy icons in a multifandom posts at my icon journal. =D



the rest are here

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Welcome [04 Feb 2007|11:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome everyone to the Kirommy Kave! This is the brain child of Blistered Sanity, who just rocks...anyways! This is a Kirommy LJ community so feel free to post, to discuss, show off your fanfiction or your art! This is for Kirommy Krusaders so if you support join up and post!
~TheDarkOne8703 aka The Queen Of Kirommy

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